Working with Incident Apparatus

Select the apparatus that was utilized on the incident. This provides administrative insight into what apparatus has run recently, how much they were used, and even allows reports for grant applications. 

NOTE: Any NFIRS reportable incident requires response, i.e. apparatus to proceed to scene. Without apparatus, Responserack cannot provide the NFIRS 'resources module', i.e. apparatus and firefighters on that apparatus.

Tap Apparatus, then Tap next to Members

Tap to select an apparatus then tap one or more members (on the right) to select that they arrived on scene in that apparatus.

The standard apparatus (those vehicles used more often) are listed up top, and less commonly used down below.

Remaining At Station / Staging At Station

If a member staged at station, leave them marked as 'At Station'. (This is different than if they responded via Personal Occupancy Vehicle, POV.)

Arrived on one Apparatus, Departed on Another

If a member arrived at scene on one apparatus, but left on another, use the apparatus they arrived on.

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