Working with Incident Dates

Incidents typically occur within a confined time period; a motor vehicle accident, medical or fire assist call might take an hour or so, a structure fire half a day, a wild-land fire a few days. Most incident are toned and terminate on the same day, i.e. the same date.


Incident Dates

When incidents occur later in the day and span to the next day, or when incidents occur over multiple days, incident toned at date might be different from incident en route date or incident arrival date or incident termination date.

Dates are somewhat figured out ...

Since time flows forward, toned date time will always be before en route date time which will always be before arrival date time which will always be before termination date time.

As such, when a time of day (and all times are 24 hour clock to remove any morning / afternoon / evening confusion) is before a time it cannot be before, then it is determined to be on the next day.

Manually Managing Dates / Times

When needed dates and times can be manually edited.

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