Step by Step to complete an Incident

Typically, when returning from an incident the incident command role (e.g. perhaps chief, officer or senior firefighter) completes the incident report. The goal of the incident report is to document the facts of the incident; including the fire department actions, as well as who responded to the incident, and other relevant details.


Updating the Incident

When viewing an incident report press "Update Incident" to initiate the process.

Updating Incident Details

The primary details are the title, the incident category, and the narrative. Complete the narrative with good details on what occurred.

Updating Incident Attendance

Tap on the "In?" button to mark responders as attended; cycle between "Attended", "Absent" and "N/A" (not available.)

Updating Incident Roles

Tap a role (e.g. Command) then tap the "Firefighter" button on the right to mark that attendee as performing that role.

Updating Incident Apparatus

Tap apparatus (e.g. Engine 1) then tap the "N/A" (not available) button to set that the member was in that apparatus.

NOTE: Leave the entry as "N/A" for members who staged at station.

Updating Incident Agencies

Tap the "Not Involved" to cycle between that and "Involved".

NOTE: When providing aid to another agency, they are the "primary". Only a fire department can be a primary agency.

Incident DONE - Preliminary Report

At this point the incident can be marked "DONE" and it becomes a "preliminary report", i.e. as produced by the firefighter. Later an administrator will review the incident for the department records.

NOTE: When required you can mark the report as "DONE" at any point, and revisit it at a later time. In the middle of the night this might be the right call.

Additional Updates: location, attachments, custom fields

As needed, there are additional views for updating location, incident attachments, and custom fields.

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