Processing Incidents for NFIRS

Processing incidents for NFIRS involves ensuring the various NFIRS modules, transactions and elements are complete and valid (against NFIRS rules) so an incident is ready for NFIRS. Incidents can be ready and complete for the department, but some might need additional information (e.g. structure fire details, i.e. fire cause, was a smoke detector involved, etc.)

NOTE: Only process incidents for NFIRS after they have been completed for the department.

Processing Incidents for NFIRS

Each incident is automatically reviewed against NFIRS validation rules to determine what is needed for NFIRS validation. There are two approaches for processing an incident for NFIRS:

  • Proceeding through each NFIRS module in series
  • Navigating from analysis validation messages directly to the NFIRS module for that validation

Administrative Overview

Incident Analysis

Mark incidents as ready (with an optional NFIRS administration note for future reference) only once there are no important validations remaining. NFIRS will not accept incidents with important validation issues.

Scroll down for details of the validations, each with a button that jumps you to the screen to correct the validation issue. 

Ready for NFIRS

Once incidents have no more validation issues if can be marked as ready for NFIRS. NFIRS ready incidents can be exported.

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