Reviewing Incidents for the Department; Marking "Complete"

Review your incidents to ensure accurate and complete reports are made.

Having a second pair of eyes run over a report is a good thing. Your department membership will review attendance and much of the narrative details, but an experienced administrator should check reports.


Administration Overview shows the incidents to review, to be marked "complete", and offers a "Review" button to review an incident.

Reviewing an Incident for Completion

Responserack eases the task by providing a significant number of automated checks checking for things like "was the incident marked as terminated", "are the times in order, and sensible", "was apparatus documented" and so on, providing warnings when needed. Responserack reviews are helpful for checking many things, but only an experienced administrator and/or firefighter can ensure the narrative is solid and the report complete.

Pending reviews are showed up the top of the review incident view, and satisfied reviews (where no action is needed) are shown down below.

Example Pending Reviews

Example Satisfied Reviews

Marking an incident as "Complete"

Marking an incident as "complete" means it is ready for the departments record.

NOTE: Only mark incidents as "complete" when you are satisfied with its complete contents; times, narrative, attendance, roles, apparatus and more.

Firefighters are unable to edit an incident once an administrator has marked it as complete. Administrators can still update them, if needed, without needing to remove its completion mark.

NOTE: Add an administrative note (viewable by administrators only) in order to remember potential reasons why you might have completed an incident with outstanding issues.

Watch how to review an incident

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