Inviting members into Responserack

Administrators may add membership to their Fire Department, but they may also invite membership to their Fire Department on Responserack, if they would like them to log in. Invitations are important because they extend outside of Responserack, and extend access to (hopefully the correct person) at an email address. Please be careful who you invite into your Responserack.

Note: Each invitation comes with a one time use invitation code that expires, and can be revoked. Invitations are NOT reusable.

Note: Administrators can send multiple invitations to the same firefighter, e.g. if they'd like to add an email/password login to their other form of login, or add a new login (e.g. with a new email address.)


Invite an individual Member ...

When looking at "Membership" you can send an invite to an individual member.

Note: You can resend an invitation to any member at any time. A repeat invitation can be useful for multiple devices, or multiple email accounts, and/or simply to regain access.

Invite multiple Members at once ...

You can invite multiple members at once using "Invite Members" under "Membership".

Viewing Invitations

Copying the Invitation Link

Notifying via Text Messaging

Some firefighters have email addresses, for their smart phones, but don't tend to check their email regularly. You can send a text message notification for outstanding invitations.

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