Member Management Overview

Managing members involves ensuring the correct members are listed for the department, through hiring and retirements, and ensuring the correct members have the correct access to Responserack; invitations and modifying access. Occasionally, for those who cannot do this themselves, helping keep their contact information up to date.

Operational / Non-Operational Membership

Each department has operational membership (who respond to incidents) and perhaps some non-operational support (e.g. administrators, auxiliary, support, etc.) Only operational members are listed for attendance on incidents. Non-operational members may have access to Responserack, perhaps to help with administration.

NOTE: Only operational members are listed for attendance on incidents.

Adding & Inviting Membership

Add members as either operational or non-operational. Added members do NOT get access to Responserack, they are included in lists for selection in reports (for example in attendance.) To gain access to Responserack a member needs to be invited by an administrator.

NOTE: Each invitation is unique to the single member, and can be used once only. Send multiple invitations to multiple members - i.e. one each. Additionally, you can send multiple invitations to a single member, if needed, i.e. they use multiple Google accounts, or an email account and a separate phone number account.

Member Timeline

All department members have a career arc, hopefully over many years, with ups and down along the road. Firefighters get promoted from recruit to active firefighter, and get promoted through the ranks. Sometimes a member will need to take some medical leave, or a personal leave of absence.

Updating this timeline allows historic records for the department.

Member Notes

Administrators can store member notes (both shared with the member and private to the organization) for information such as certificate numbers, expiration dates, and so forth.

Where to find / edit notes ...

Member notes:

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