Print/Export an Incident PDF (Portable Document Format)

Administrators can export a PDF (either to print or to email, or file) for each incident. 

Within the Administrator view click on the individual incident and visit the incident administration page. Top/right the the incident administration menu has a document menu drop down offering "Summary Document" or "Full Document". These generate the PDF for printing.

Incident Administration Menu


Summary Document - Insurance / Homeowners

The summary document provides the incident basics, up to and including the narrative. It includes document location, incident times, apparatus used and partner agencies. It does not include attendance; i.e. it does not publish individual firefighters name.

Full Document - Historical Record / Bulletin Board

The full document provides the full incident, and is useful for (say) an historical record (if you wish to keep incidents in a book) and/or if you'd like to publish incident reports on a bulletin board.

NFIRS Information

When an incident has been processed for NFIRS, and marked as ready for NFIRS, the summary document export will include various aspects from the NFIRS record. The full document alway contains any of this information.

NOTE: The NFIRS information appears as a second page on the summary document. As a separate page you could chose to only use the first page, excluding the NFIRS information, should you need.

Example Document

Documents are PDFs (portable document formats) and can be one or more pages, with the department and administrator name and date/time in the page footer.

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