Precise versus imprecise Incident Category / NFIRS Type

Incident Categories reference an NFIRS type, however those which reference an imprecise NFIRS type (perhaps as a placeholder) must be changed, or an NFIRS type will be requested.

Fire -> Building Fire, Wildland Fire, etc.
MVA -> MVA with Injuries or MVA without Injuries.

The typical example of this is when CAD dispatches an unknown "Fire" - which is imprecise - and NFIRS requires "Building Fire" (Structure Fire) or "Wild-land Fire", and so on. Alternatively, "Motor Vehicle Accident" - which is imprecise - and NFIRS requires an "MVA with Injuries" or and "MVA without Injuries".


There are two remedies for this situation:

  • Option A - Change the Incident Category to one with a precise Incident Type
  • Option B - Set a precise NFIRS Incident Type onto the Incident

Option A - Replace the imprecise Incident Category with a precise one

Imprecise incident categories are in orange, precise are in blue.

Option B - Set the NFIRS Incident Type

If you chose NOT to change the incident category you will be prompted to set an NFIRS Incident Type. Select one of the NFIRS types. A list of plausible types are 

Select the incident type and set it pressing "Set Type"

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