How to change the NFIRS Incident Type without changing the Incident Category

Changing the NFIRS Incident Type is preferable to adding an NFIRS Incident Category.

Responserack puts things into your volunteer firefighter terminology using "incident categories" that you can define / customize. For example a firefighter might select that an incident was a "structure fire" (which typically uses NFIRS 111 - Building Fire behind the scenes) but the NFIRS administrator recognize that the incident was NFIRS 112 - Fires In Structure Other Than In A Building.


The administrator (or even the firefighter) could update the Responserack Category to add "NFIRS 112" as a category, however they could leave the incident as "Structure Fire" (which works well for reporting at the department level) and set the NFIRS incident type directly on this incident as NFIRS 112

Changing the Incident Category

You could elect to change the incident category by going into the category editor and then to the NFIRS incident types, and creating a new "NFIRS Incident Category" on the fly. That is one option.

Changing the NFIRS Incident Type

Alternative, and perhaps with added benefits, you could leave the incident as category "Structure Fire" but set the NFIRS Incident Type explicitly. That way your firefighters, and reports, would see your "structure fire" classification (for your volunteers) however your NFIRS reporting (and reports on NFIRS incident type) will be precise and correct.

Changing NFIRS Incident Type vs Responserack Incident Category

Responserack was designed with the latter approach in mind. Both work, but the latter might be slightly more "firefighter friendly".

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