Incident Attachments

Incident attachments can be images (photographs) and/or documents (e.g. PDFs.)



Some photographs are used for cost recovery (containing license plates, vehicle makes/models and vehicle damage) and some are used for insurance purposes (e.g. structure fire damage.)


Some documents are dispatch documents, and some are post-incident reports from local authorities.

NOTE: Taking, storing and sharing the wrong photographs can get fire departments and firefighters into serious trouble. Never take photograph of patients, of personally identifiable information. Photograph attachments are disabled for most fire departments, unless needed, in order to reduce risk to the department.

Adding Attachments

Some attachments are added automatically, e.g. from the dispatch notification, but to add an attachment visit the "add attachment" option at the bottom of the incident report.

Removing Attachments

In order to avoid accidentally removing attachments, removing attachments from an incident can be done by:

  • The member who attached it (e.g. uploaded the photograph.)
  • Administrators and/or Controllers

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