Requirement for Apparatus

NFIRS requires responders to leave the station, and go en route from the station for an incident to be an NFIRS reportable incident; which requires apparatus for transport. Provide apparatus for your NFIRS reportable incidents.

NFIRSgram: When Is an Incident Not an Incident?

NFIRS Resource Module

The NFIRS resource module has a hierarchy of apparatus transactions, and one or more firefighter sub-transactions - one for each firefighter that responded on that apparatus. 

NOTE: Without apparatus, Responserack cannot provide the NFIRS resources module, and hence NFIRS looks for 6 individual numbers. You can add these manually, via the basic module form, but it is easier / better to just add the apparatus.
  • Suppression Apparatus #
  • EMS Apparatus #
  • Other Apparatus #
  • Suppression Personnel #
  • EMS Personnel #
  • Other Personnel #

You can provide these numbers on the basic module, but it is more typical to enter the apparatus.

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