Requirement for Apparatus

NFIRS requires responders to leave the station, and go en route from the station for an incident to be an NFIRS reportable incident; which requires apparatus for transport. Provide apparatus for your NFIRS reportable incidents.

NFIRSgram: When Is an Incident Not an Incident?

NFIRS Resource Module

The NFIRS resource module has a hierarchy of apparatus transactions, and one or more firefighter sub-transactions - one for each firefighter that responded on that apparatus. 

When you see NFIRS errors for these fields (which you don't normally set) then think "assign membership to apparatus".

NOTE: Without apparatus, Responserack cannot provide the NFIRS resources module, and hence NFIRS looks for 6 individual numbers. You can add these manually, via the basic module form, but it is easier / better to just add the apparatus.
  • Suppression Apparatus #
  • EMS Apparatus #
  • Other Apparatus #
  • Suppression Personnel #
  • EMS Personnel #
  • Other Personnel #
NOTE: You can provide these numbers on the basic module, but it is more typical to assign membership to the apparatus, and these numbers will be generated. When you assign membership to apparatus you get the benefit of recording the apparatus usage, for maintenance and maybe even grant benefit.

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