How to delete an Incident Report

Incidents can be created for training, or perhaps created by computer aided dispatch (CAD) and not be needed, and can be deleted from Responserack.

NOTE: Do not confuse deleting an incident (completely eradicating it from Responserack) with marking an incident as 'NFIRS Excluded'. Deleting the incident is final and completely removes it, whereas NFIRS excluded keeps it for department reports, just not NFIRS records.

Delete/ Remove Incidents via the Control View

To reduce accidental deletes and keep infrequently used features out of the day to day, the "incident delete" action is kept on the Control View. Go to the Control View, then Incidents to see the Remove action.


The deletion and/or removal reason is shared with others in the department. Please provide a reason for the removal, e.g. "duplicate entry" or "training on Responserack" or whatever you need.

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