Managing Trainings / Meetings / Events

Trainings, Meeting and other department Events (collectively referred to generically as Events) are member gatherings, with attendance and hours of service contributed. Record station training, maintenance sessions, community outreach, and any other events your membership contributes.


Much of the Events interface is in the firefighter website, however some management is in the overhead website (e.g. for training officers, senior firefighter or officers to manage.)

Adding Events

Add events on the firefighter website.


Responserack can accept a spreadsheet of events (including repeating event specifications, e.g. second Monday of the month) to load a year's events all at once. Contact for this.

Event Administration Process

Events are initially preliminary and are completed by training officer or other senior firefighter with overhead website access.

State Description Task
Preliminary Report entered by Firefighter / Officer, including self-registration Firefighter / Officer has completed the steps; dates/time, description, attendance.
Complete Reviewed and Completed by Overhead (a second pair of eyes, done in the overhead website.)  Double-checked; reviewed description & attendance for completeness / correctness and marked as "complete" for records. 

Customize to your Department

When entering an event you can select the category. Member attendance reports are tallied by hours per category per member. Create and/or customize the list of event categories to suit your department needs.


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