Completing the NFIRS 'Property Use' element

Property Use is the most commonly required additional NFIRS element. For many NFIRS reports this will be the *only* required element that is not provided automatically by the Firefighter report.


For some NFIRS incidents the only field that needs to be added (beyond the normally gathered Responserack incident data) is "NFIRS Property Use", i.e. what was the precise use of the property at the incident, e.g. a home, a store, a hospice, etc.

NFIRS Processing: 1 important validation

When processing an incident for NFIRS you might see this 1 important validation ... and often it is Property Use.

"Property Use" is on the NFIRS "Location" form, so click the Location edit button to set it.

Selecting Property Use

When possible, Responserack offers a suggestion (see "One or Two Family Dwelling" next) or allows you to "Select ..." for all options.

Note: Sometimes it is useful to click "Map" to get a visual of the property (e.g. street view or satellite view) to determine it's use.

Responserack colors common options as green to make them stand out. Medicals typically occur inside the residence.

MVAs typically occur on a road...

Mixed Use

Sometimes the incident requires NFIRS Mixed Use as well as Property Use.

Using the Map to Determine Property Use

If you were not on scene, and don't know the property use at the scene, consider using the Map Location option to open a map, and then work with Street View or Satellite View to look at the property.

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