Basic, Shared, Advanced - Application Mode

App Mode - Preferences

Go to the 'Preferences' menu item on the top/right menu on the main screen.

  • Basic Mode - typically correct for most users, most firefighters.
  • Shared Mode - for shared multi-user usage in an apparatus or station office.
  • Advanced Mode - for officers, and firefighters wanting all the options.

(See more on 'Selecting the Application Mode' below.)

Selecting 'Preference':

To get to the preferences screen, use the top/right menu on the home screen:

Preferences are located on the top menu on the top/right of the home screen.

Selecting the Application Mode

When first installed, the application it will default to "Basic Mode" and this is the simplest with the fewest features. This is suitable for a firefighter to browse and read department information and get used to the application. Users should start here until they determine the need for more capabilities.

"Shared Mode" is for use by multiple firefighters, e.g. in the office or in a truck/apparatus, for entering reports. This is NOT for individual/personal usage - and does not show numbers or briefings - it is for shared devices.

"Advanced Mode" is power tooling - i.e. every feature - but it is again for an individual, i.e. showing "numbers" and "briefings" for the user. Select this mode if you are wanting a personal experience but ability to add, and edit all data.

If in doubt start with "Individual Mode" until you hit a speed bump.

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